Highland Beef

Scottish Highland Cattle meat is Premium Beef. It is lean, well-marbled, flesh that is tender, succulent and has a distinct flavor.

It is healthy and nutritious with lower levels of fat and cholesterol with a higher protein and iron content that other beef.

We guarantee our Alberta Highland Beef is free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Everything about our beef is natural. There diet includes being raised free on native pasture and in the winter they are fed natural meadow hay. They are given a vitamin lick.

We know how our cows are raised and when butchered you are getting meat from one cow not from 30 different cows in one package.

Meat is dry aged, which means it is hung the old fashion way for 21 days. This enriches the taste of the meat.

Grassfed Highland Beef Price List
Tenderloin $70.40 /kg
Top Sirloin $35.87/kg
Prime Rib $21.89/kg
Chuck $16.97/kg
Cross $16.97/kg
Eye Round $22.55/kg
Inside round boneless $22.63/kg
Sirloin Tip $23.65/kg
Stew Meat $20.35/kg
Short Ribs $14.00/kg
Breakfast Sausage $21.45/kg
Brisket $16.97/kg
Ground Beef 1lb packages $8.00/kg
Hamburger Patties 4 to a pack $20.90/kg

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Highland Beef Comparisons


Highland Beef 4.5

Commercial Beef 15.6

Chicken 9.0

Pork 9.0


Highland Beef 20.7

Beef 15.5

Chicken 17.9

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